Sick of Skinnies?

April 2, 2014

Skinny pants and jeans have ruled the fashion roost now for several years.  Kate Moss is to blame fyi. Everyone from Michelle Obama to Jane Fonda to Kim Kardashian have embraced the skinny look.  Some have adopted the look that probably shouldn’t have, maybe Miss Kardashian? Maybe all of them!:)  I think America may just have a problem with skinny jeans.  But this season there is an alternative that will be as chic as the famous skinny and comfy to boot!  A wide leg pant.  Not harem-ish, not quite palazzo, and not boot cut or flared. But wide all the way down…semi~flowy. Granted these won’t work on everyone either, nothing really does. A real trouser cut, structured pant/jean comes the closest.  But for many of you, it’s going to be a great summer choice.  Especially in summer fabrics….think linen, silk, etc!

Like these lovelies.  Flax/silk blend with a cotton lining.  I get all aflutter just thinking of scrumptious fabrics!  Anyway, these are exactly what I’m talking about.  Totally office appropriate or evening event ready.  Love. Them.


Wide leg linen pant/ Armani Collezioni Neiman Marcus/ $173 sale

Wide leg linen pant/ Armani Collezioni Neiman Marcus/ $173 sale

If you aren’t familiar with Boden, they are a fabulous company out of Great Britain and were originally a menswear company.  Now, it is a favorite among American women.  Traditional but fun is their style moniker. These come in 5 colors and I’d like all of them please:) I can so see them with a simple white tee and cute sneakers or Toms, kinda puddled at the bottom.  Or you could definitely dress them up some with wedge espadrilles and a silky blouse.  Just make sure you’ve got the length, which is easy with Boden since they come in regulars and longs.  Instant winner.

Drawstring Linen pant/ Boden/ $98

Drawstring Linen pant/ Boden/ $98


Last, click on this photo and see the other pic of this pant.  Shown with a blazer it totally changes the look.  I’ve chosen a petite size to show the versatility of this pant.  And, while it does make sense for a petite size to do a higher waist and heels as shown, a pair that sits kinda low slung right above the hip looks very sharp also.  This brand makes high~end, well made clothing so if you can ever purchase a piece go for it!

P.S. on a very petite frame wear full cut pants in general with caution….you don’t want to look swallowed.

 linen Ludlow pant/ Lafayette 148/ $298

linen Ludlow pant/ Lafayette 148/ $2l98

Someone said to me that skinny pants/jeans were the least flattering women’s style ever.  Maybe, maybe not.  Certainly on some unfortunate souls it is, but they can look terribly chic on others.  But like I stated before, you would be hard pressed to find a 100% universally flattering cut. And in this short forum, it’s impossible to go into all the nuances of fit vs. style vs. body type. You need me in person to do that:)

I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week.  Call or email for an enjoyable appointment to assess your spring/summer wardrobe!  Happy Spring!


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Pants and Prints

March 24, 2014

And florals actually.  The picture below is one of my favorite pair of pants.  I got them last summer at Ann Taylor Loft so I expect you won’t be able to find them to purchase.  But, I wanted to show you my foray into the floral pant trend.  And yes, it’s a trend but one I really love so I decided to indulge myself.  Plus, I got them on sale.


Loft pant, unavailable

I love these pants…navy and white so no surprise that I love them, lowered wide waistband, trouser leg not skinny, cotton and linen, just a wonderful pair of trousers.  I’m showing you these not to make you super jealous you don’t own them:) but to inspire!

Check out these others….

This pair I can picture with a white eyelet top and flat sandals or a tan chunky sandal, not these nude pumps!  A white silk shell could make the look a bit more mature.  Pretty clusters of pink and red flowers with green leaves cover these pants top to bottom.  A patio dinner is certainly called for!

Red and white Blugirl follies floral pant/ $155/

Red and white Blugirl follies floral pant/ $155/

This next cotton pair has such a feminine look and vibe.  Lightly covered with flower stems and a large plumed bird. I can see these with black heels, a pinky/red top and longer, open-weave, gray cardigan.  Very specific picture I know but it’s what came to mind!  You’d be dressed for a brunch, dinner, graduation…whatever event you choose.

Monsoon Portia floral pant/ $84/ monsoon co. uk

Monsoon Portia floral pant/ $81.50 apprx./ monsoon. co. uk

Ok, I need to show what I mean…..not to belabor the point and there are certainly other ways to style it, but this is what I saw in my head.  You could definitely just do a silky white tee also.  And the more I looked at this delicate sweater the more I liked it.  The price is not too shabby either. Click and check out the back.  So pretty!

Grey pointelle cardi/ $39/ Dorthy Perkins

Grey pointelle cardi/ $39/ Dorthy Perkins

Moving on.  Prints.  Maybe these aren’t as scary as a floral pair of pants.  Are they?  Do they seem more acceptable somehow?  If so, then maybe these will be just what you need some fine springy day.

First, a little term definition. Foulard. Not floured, foulard.  Any guesses?  It means a thin soft material of silk or silk and cotton and sometimes plain twill typically with a printed pattern.  It’s material frequently used for necktie construction. And J Crew makes the best of this material in their pants for sure. I can certainly see these with a crisp white blouse and pumps for work or driving mocs and a tee for a casual day.  Really cute.  Tommy Hillfiger also has some just as good looking I think. at a better price here.

Minnie pant in foulard/ J Crew/ $98

Minnie pant in foulard/ J Crew/ $98

So, attempting to find another print pant that could be considered acceptable for a business day, these fit the bill.  You could pair with a black or navy blazer and white blouse.  Very fashion forward but subtle.  Pricey though:)

true royal jaquard pant $462 shopbop

True Royal jacquard print pant/ Shopbop/ $462

But then, for pure playfulness, Lily Pulitzer has been doing this gig for years.  Can’t you see a pair of sandals or wedge espadrilles and a white tee with these at the beach? Love.

All over print pant/ Lily Pulitzer/ $148

All over print pant/ Lily Pulitzer Phillipa pant/ $148

I hope you’re as ready for warmer weather as I am.  I love the change of seasons and I’m looking forward to new styles to wear….and some of my faves from last year!

As always, if I can help you this spring, please email or call. I’d love to!

Thanks so much for reading…pass on to friends if you’re a fan!

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And the Countdown Begins!

February 14, 2014

Today it’s sunny and almost 50.  In a few days, sunny and 60′s predicted.  The run on white jeans and spring hued tops will begin!  I know I was personally hoping for a 6″ snow but if it’s not gonna happen I’m ready for spring.

So, what do you wear for February weather when it can be warm one day and cold the next?? Well, at some point you need to invest in a handful of warm clothes in spring shades. For instance a pink cashmere turtleneck or maybe a lavender cardigan.  Or you could go ahead and pull out your white denim and let the spring influence be the pants. My go-to look  will be my white jeans and a black turtleneck or a maybe navy wool sweater.  Almost any color with white denim, especially if you add stripes, looks nautical which equals cruise season which is right before the spring season (in the fashion industry)! Did you get that?? February and some of March is all about dressing like spring even though it still may be cold.  Crazy I know.

There are some good finds right now if you are looking for something warm but light in color.  Dillards has their cashmere sweaters marked down; Antonio Melani and Alex Marie in many colors. Online, this one and other light shades were only available in medium and large.  There might be more inventory in the store.  This would be lovely with gray wool pants for work or jeans and flats.

Alex Marie cashmere sweater/ Dillards/ $47.80

Alex Marie cashmere sweater/ Dillards/ $47.80

Another option for church or the office is a black, gray, or maybe navy dress with a pale sweater on top.  And dresses look great with boots for really cold snaps.

The dress below is a poly knit so probably not tremendously warm but good for transition days and of course the neutral black and gray will go with any color.  I love the pointed detail at the hips…should be very flattering.  And, under $100 bucks!

Gabby Skye cap sleeve dress/ Nordstroms/ $98

Gabby Skye cap sleeve dress/ Nordstroms/ $98

Then you can ward off any chill with something like this…..

Merino wool Tippi cardigan/ J Crew/ $85

Merino wool Tippi cardigan/ J Crew/ $85

For an extra 25% off, use the code HEART214 online.  There are several colors to choose from.

So the deal for the foreseeable future is, you can bring out the springy colors, just not the springy fabrics.  Got it?  Just because it’s a sweater doesn’t mean it’s a winter sweater:)  And as we all know, even farther south than me, it is still winter.

Please call if you need me.  I’d love to help.  And as I’ve mentioned before, while there are still some good sales, retailers are not holding onto the clearance as long it seems.  Some have already moved theirs out but, I’m good at finding deals so we can still try!

Thanks so much for reading and sharing!  And, in honor of Valentines Day, clips from two of my favorite movies.  The first one I couldn’t find on youtube so this will have to do.  If this movie is on, I will watch it every time.  Hilarious.  And the second is great for so many reasons one of which is the line “my shoes will think I don’t love them”…..bhahaha!  Love. It.  Tissues needed if you haven’t seen the movie.

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Quality Over Quantity

January 24, 2014

I recently took my own advice and cleaned out my closet.  There’s still too much but it’s a beginning. Spring stuff is next and I’m in a get rid of it mood! Things that just aren’t good quality or worth keeping are continuing to take up too much room! Is this sounding familiar?? I totally get holding onto clothing for all kinds of reasons….but, sometimes we’ve just got to bite the bullet and toss it! While most of my things are pretty decent, I absolutely have the “whim” purchase. The cheap blouse from Forever 21 or a Target sweater, tee shirts that need replacing, or items that simply don’t fit anymore. And although Target can have some great things, the quality I’m talking about, well, I just can’t usually afford.  So, the gist of this post is going to be…buy the best you can.

I was in Old Navy the other day and was struck by how their merchandise quality has dwindled over the past few years.  There wasn’t much I thought was worth my money. There was one sweater on sale I bought. It’s a tightly woven, cotton, ski type sweater that’s very warm.  Great for skinny jeans and boots.  I also bought 2 waffle tees for layering and to bum around the house.  Their casual blouses looked fairly decent but other than that it was kinda depressing!  Some Gap merchandise seems to be the same lately.  So, when buying at these stores, buy with caution….check fastenings like zippers and buttons, make sure the fit is great, and consider the fabric durability vs. how much it will be worn.   This is the sweater I bought.  In the store, it’s $14.99, I wouldn’t have paid $37.  I wore it yesterday when the temp was something like 25*…it was very warm layered with a long sleeve tee underneath.  And, when I got home, I took a sweater out of my closet that I haven’t worn in a couple years and put it in my give away bag.

old navy sweater

Gray Fair Isle sweater/ Old Navy/ $37.00

My suggestion at this time of year is to take stock of basic needs like sweaters, jeans, work pants and tops, and footwear.  Make a list and hit the mall.  When you find that piece that you just WANT, not need, if you can think of 3-5 things to wear it with and you can afford it, go for it.  Fashion should be fun not just functional.

And, I said hit the mall, but stores you might not usually try like Gus Mayer or Coco because of their prices might be worth the trip…so go!  They’re having their winter clearance sales now.  As time goes on, prices will go down but selection will go down as well.  If J Crew is your look, they are usually running an extra percentage off but the sale will probably be final.  Always take note of return policies.

Another place to look for quality merchandise that you might not usually be able to afford is at consignment stores.  But be careful…they take in very out dated items at times so make sure what you are buying is either current or a timeless classic.  And examine it well for stains and rips.  They miss things on occasion.  I have a favorite pair of lined wool rag and bone (no they don’t capitalize their name:)) pants I bought at a consignment store.  I probably wouldn’t/couldn’t  have paid for them at say, Nordstroms.  But, the quality is just so far above what you would buy at Loft for instance. Quality in fabric and construction makes a huge difference in fit and wear.

So, that’s my homework for you all on these coooold winter days.  Get busy and get rid of some STUFF.  If you are one of the people that this doesn’t apply to, congratulations!  You win the closet award!!

If you have things you think you’d like to consign for spring, I can evaluate it and get an appointment for you at Designer Finds in Green Hills.  They are officially booked til late spring but have told me they will get my clients an appointment in approximately 2 weeks if I’ve looked at the items.  I will be honest though if I believe it’s not worth selling.  And you must have at least 10 pieces.  Easy peasy, right?!!

Have a wonderful weekend and call if you’d like to schedule either a closet edit session or some shopping.  Thank you for reading!  Stay warm!!

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Happy Year New!! Winter 2014…Bring It!

January 10, 2014

 Franklin Rd. snowy barn

Isn’t the picture above beautiful??  One of our many beautiful barns here in Middle Tennessee….in the snow which is appropriate for these days.  So, as we step into a brand spanking new year I assume the last thing you want to dwell on is your clothing.  I mean, pounds to lose, stockings to put up and decorations to put away, dinners for cold nights to plan, getting back to school and work, and on it goes.  Who even has time to figure out what to wear day-to-day?  Nashville just came through a “polar vortex”; translate, really cold air.  I for one like it.  Winter is a time for nature to rest and get ready for a beautiful spring.  Buttttt, we don’t have to sit back and let the dark, cold days get us down.  Look at it as a time to wear those new sweaters or boots.  Or better yet, head to the mall one day and take advantage of the clearance sales that will only continue to lower as time goes on.

I am fortunate enough to be able to work in what I choose.  I have my own self-imposed dress code.  Today while I work from home, it’s jeans, sweaters, and boots with a little hot spice tea thrown in.  But, I well realize that many of you wake up having to pull together something a bit more office appropriate.  Maybe this post will help.

Keep in mind these items are for looking stylish while staying warm, not to win most chic work attire, but you might;)

The first item I’d invest in for sure would be the best knee-high, heeled yet comfortable, boots I could afford.  And take care of them like they were your only child.  Black and brown if possible.   If you want a more feminine/modern take on the boots, slim the heel and stay away from rubberized soles.  From there, I’d move on to pumps.  Again, comfortable heels; I want you to want to wear them.  Same rule applies though as the boots for a more on trend look.  And end with at least 2 pair of flats.  Pointy toe flats have a more sophisticated look and will pair great with pants or skirts and tights.

Rockport Ordella leather boot/ Zappos/ $179.99

ivanka trump carmens 130

Ivanka Trump pointy toe flats/ Zappos/ $130.00

The second item/items category would be a handful of work appropriate dresses and skirts.  And then, tops/sweaters to pair with the skirts.  The dress below is a national brand name dress easily found at most major department stores.  Not designer but not Target.  Layer a gray cardigan over this for warmth.

donna ricco python 128

Donna Ricco python dress/ Nordstroms/ $138.00

The next would be 3-4 pair of pants, mixing in traditional trousers and some slim, ankle length ones if that style is flattering for you.  If not, try a wide leg pant.  They look very nice with pumps.  I chose the pant below for a couple of reasons.  Not the blouse it’s pictured with:) First, the color…. not black but a lovely deep orchid (which btw is THE color for spring just lighter).  These would easily pair with black, navy, gray, and cream.  They are cotton/wool and lined I believe.  Should be very well made.  They are a bit short here because the model is 5’10 and has on heels.  Also, this particular pair is available in sizes through 12 and is not a skinny pant.  All my clients are NOT a size 4.  But hurry, these pants won’t last long at that price.

trina turk 100 NM

Trina Turk pant/ Neiman Marcus/ $100.00

Lastly, outerwear.  Wouldn’t it be fun to stride, forget walking, into the office in a coat dictated by the weather not by what you grabbed from the back of your car left over from your grocery run last night? Some options would include a lined trench, a knee-length wool coat, or possibly if you’re looking for a little panache, a cape.  The coat below is lovely with double seaming down the back. The garnet shade gives a touch of color to dull winter days. Other colors are available.  Add gloves of course and wah~lah…winter office wear done!

Garnet wool coat/ Land's End/ $104.00

Garnet wool coat/ Land’s End/ $104.00

Yes, yes, I hear you all using choice words right now…I know it’s not that simple, or even fun for that matter.  But, the fact remains if you have to work….you can put forth an effort or not.  I hope you choose to make the effort. I know every day won’t be a winner but most can….plus it’s a great mood boost to look fab!

And there is not a better time to be buying up all the pieces you need then right now.  Much easier on the wallet than in October.  But hurry, pickin’s are probably getting slim at this point.

I hope this helps elevate your Monday~Friday look.  If all it’s done is frustrate you (not my intention I promise), then please call for a more one on one evaluation.  It’s helpful and fun!  We can whip your closet into shape in no time. 

Thanks as always for reading…please pass on!

Stay warm,

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If You Must….Red and Black

December 12, 2013

Not even gonna talk about why I haven’t written.  I’m finally writing now:)  So let’s move on to the holidays!!

And, I’m also not even gonna harp on “please don’t wear red and black for Christmas”.  I think it’s a fight I can’t win:)  I AM going to show you a pretty way to wear those colors though. Here’s to December!

So, this is what most of you have in your closet…or a form of.  And, you usually pair it with a black pant.  Right?  I suggest you not do that.  First, if it’s a party, a cable knit sweater just doesn’t say “whoo hoo, let’s party”.  It does say, let’s go shopping or have friends in for game night.  Yep, even cashmere. (right before posting, this sweater was sold out at the sited listed)

Ralph Lauren Black Label cable cashmere sweater/Net-a-Porter,com/ $400

Ralph Lauren Black Label cable cashmere sweater/Net-a-Porter,com/ $400

So, assuming you are invited to a very casual event, and staying with the red/black theme, why not put something like this cute, big check (not really a buffalo plaid) shirt under it and then your favorite jeans?  Or gray cords.  Instant fun outfit!  This is showing navy but black is available and it is flannel.

Black large check shirt/ Old Navy /$25

Black large check shirt/ Old Navy /$25

But, those dressier events will come about sooooo, how about something like this?  This sweet skirt has the coolest seam detail along the waist and down the hip.  Obviously, find the skirt that best suits your body type. Just make sure it isn’t “9 to 5″ looking:)

Emporio Armani pleated skirt/ $115 yoox 115

Emporio Armani pleated skirt/ $115

And on top, please no black ribbed turtleneck.  Look for something like the blouse below.  The deal is, you don’t want to look dated or like everyone else and this blouse will set you apart.

Mango sheer metallic blouse/ $59.99

Mango sheer metallic blouse/ $59.99

Pretty, sophisticated, yet edgy.   It’s not sheer all over, just the sleeves and shoulders.  Wear a fancy black heel of some sort and keep jewelry minimal since the blouse is metallic.  Your winter coat and legs bare, you’ll be inside right??  If you must, you can wear sheer black hosiery and maybe even a semi opaque tight but for a silk or acetate skirt like the one above,  boots will look too heavy.

Another option and one everybody seems to reach for this time of year is black pants.  I’m all for black pants that look good.  Like these tuxedo pants….

CK tuxedo pant/ $79.00/

Calvin Klein tuxedo pant/ $79.00/

Take note, this are not skinny, they are a straight leg.  If these wouldn’t work for you, then look for a pair constructed out of a beautiful fabric.  Maybe satin or wool jersey.  Or detailing that shows.  Anything to make them not look like pants you would wear to the office.

For a top, again, you want to step out of the box.

Buffalo David Bitton blouse/ $48.30/ Lord and Taylor

Buffalo David Bitton blouse/ $48.30/ Lord and Taylor

Isn’t this too cool?? This would be fabulous with the pants above, a black pencil skirt, dark wash jeans, etc.  I really love it and I love the price.  Heads would turn!!

Well, those are my thoughts if you are bound and determined to wear red and black this season.  I’d do it too with the looks I’ve shown!  And remember, it’s better to arrive over dressed than under dressed:)

I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week.  I have Tuesday afternoon the 17th, Wednesday the 18th, and Thursday the 19th open next week.  We can knock out any shopping you’d like to do for the weekend festivities you may have coming up.  Gift certificates are also available for Christmas!

As always, thanks for reading.

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Uh Oh!

September 24, 2013

New phone = headaches! I got a new phone on Sunday and lost all voicemails and my call log from the old one. If you had contacted me please call again or email. I know I was speaking with a couple potential clients that I lost all info for.
If it was you, I’m so sorry. Please get back in touch!

Random Musings

September 13, 2013

So, I have a handful of quickies to write about today.  I thought I’d just throw them all into one post and be done with it!

Back in July, I was once again invited to attend Belk’s fall preview.  This is a highlight of my job because so far, Tory Burch or Zac Posen haven’t invited me to New York’s fashion week.  So, going to hear Arlene Goldstein talk about what Belk has coming in this season is the closest I’ll come.  I won’t go into a lot of detail but click here to take you to their Fall Lookbook.  I specifically like the Vince Camuto red 3/4 sleeve coat.  Really chic.  Another reason I love the spring and fall previews is of course the swag bag.  And I wouldn’t normally go on about products unless I really like them.  And there are two. I’ve gotten samples of Ahava moisturizers twice.  Hand and face.  They are great.  I don’t know how much it runs but I do know it feels delicious!  Click here to take you to the product info for the hand cream. The other is a tried and true staple….Clinique mascara.  It’s going to be hard to go back to Maybelline:)  Belk in Cool Springs is worth your time…they concentrate on fashion forward pieces and they have a great shoe department with a large selection of Frye boots.  The women’s department carries several top names and the men’s department is worth a cruise also.

Moving on to transitional clothing. Every late August/early September fashion magazines, popular blogs, and stylists still have to address the white after labor day issue. The quick simple answer is yes!  Do it.  But I’ll clarify just a bit, the fabric is the key to wearing white after Labor Day.  My rule of thumb is, around a week or two into September, put away linen items, gauzy cottons, and loosely woven cotton, silk, and linen knits.  Especially linen, it shouts summer!  From here on out, make sure your white pieces have some heft to them.

Great way to do white post L.D.

White post L.D.

The last thing I’ll comment on is seasonal closet editing.  I just did a pretty big one and it is such a good feeling to clean out those things that are just staring at you.  Haven’t worn them, don’t fit “right” anymore, do I really need 4 black pants?  And, I took a ton of it to consign so some extra moola will be coming my way in January.  It won’t be hundreds but it might be one + a bit:) More than I had with all that stuff sitting in my closet.   So, I hope that spurs you to take an evening or Saturday morning and pull it all out and purge!  Let me know if you’d like me to help.  We can zip through it and organize….such a good feeling!

Have a wonderful weekend in this gorgeous weather and as always, I so appreciate you taking the time to read, comment, and share.

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Back to Fall Neutrals

August 22, 2013
polyvore neutral 2Just a quick post with some late summer ideas.  This is a collage put together on  A very cool site that lets you play around like this.  There are categories for fashion, interior design, beauty and others.  Check it out.  I have linked this back to the site if you want details on the particular pieces.  But really it’s just a quickie to get your mind thinking about transitional looks.
The next one shows that neutrals aren’t always khaki’s and beige’s.  Try gray as shown or even olive green.  I really like the boot here, it gives that pop.  Can’t figure how to get them bigger or how to center text, sorry:)  But again, it is linked back to the site for details and is bigger there.
polyvore neutral
So, are either of these wearable outfits for you?  I think I’d wear both of them, maybe minus the hat for me.  Love it, it’s just not me:)
Thanks for checking in.  I still have some September appointment days open.  Hope to hear from you!
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My Favorite Summer Sale Items:)

August 13, 2013

Favorite is a misnomer.  I don’t have 3 or 4 favorites.  I have dozens of favorites.  I need none of them.  I want tons!  Such a difference between needs and wants aren’t there??  Anyway, I’ve narrowed it down to 4. Four great little end of the summer buys.  For young and old, tall and short, small and not-so-small alike.

Let’s start with these pretties….a J Crew pair of shorts is a staple for me.  I have other brands also, but my J Crew pair always launder and wear nicely.  And remember our chat about no 3″ inseams for the majority of you!:) These are a nice 7″ length. Modest, flattering, and  easy. Fair going shorts…aren’t those going on right now? Corn on the cob, long horn steers, and fresh squeezed lemonade!  Or maybe the Farmer’s Market for just picked veggies!

Ok, back to the shorts.  These particular ones come in a variety of colors and are on sale.  This is a final sale so be in love and be sure about your size if you buy a pair, especially on-line.  The picture will take you to the sale colors.

7" chino shorts/ J. Crew/ $29.99-$48

7″ chino shorts/ J. Crew/ $29.99-$48


Moving on.  If you are not into shorts (we need to talk) and prefer skirts, I have one for you.  And if you don’t like this particular one, this site has plenty to choose from.  Think British.  Think The Hamptons.  You may not actually feel the ocean breeze or see the Cotswolds but you can dress like it.  Boden makes some pretty cute things.  I wouldn’t want a closet full, but on certain days I wouldn’t mind going with their vibe.  Some of their prints I don’t care for, but that’s just personal preference.  Not a style issue.

I like this denim skirt because of the A-line cut.  I also like the colors.  This would be so cute with Keds now and boots in the fall.   And I love that their “mini” really isn’t.  Click on the pic to go to the site and get a better look.

Mini denim skirt/ Boden/ $29.00

Mini denim skirt/ Boden/ $29.00

So, you don’t need a skirt or shorts but when you go to dinner on Friday night with friends and need to spiff up just a tad, what have you got?  What I don’t have is this lace overlay tank.  Just. Love. It.  Lace over fat stripes is doing going out right.  Did that make sense?  (Outfit warning….I really, really don’t like it when I see denim, heels, and a black, bare top of some kind.  I just think it’s overdone, a little desperate looking, and just yucky.  And if you add shine on the top of any sort it’s all kinds of bad.  Sorry, that’s just my thinking on the ‘dress up to go out on the town look’. I’m not saying a black and denim outfit for night can’t be done, just do it with class.)  Any hoo, I’m off track.  So, what about switching out your tough black for cool white?  Add some cute rope, wedge sandals or even a dressier pair of shoes and it is the perfect hot August night look.

Lace overlay tank/ Banana Republic/ $29.99

Lace overlay tank/ Banana Republic/ $29.99

Lastly, there has to be a cute, summer, closed toe shoe in your closet.  Right? There are so many to choose from but I picked out this one from Talbots.  So grown up and also very Hamptons.  Or Seaside, or which ever beach community you like.  Heck, just wear them to the mall:)  But really, it’s a cute yet sophisticated slip on that will finish out the summer with you nicely.  Ya think?

ZELDA 39.99 Talbots

Zelda Slip On/ Talbots/$29.99

These dog days of summer are a great time to grab pieces you saw in May but didn’t want to pay for or you might find something else you just love at a deep discount.  We still have lots more days of 80+ degree weather…plenty of time for shorts, tanks, lightweight skirts and fun summer shoes!  Late September, October will be here soon enough to start working in fall colors.  Don’t wish these last warm days away!

Thanks for reading!  Fall appointments are coming in so call and get yours scheduled!

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