Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

You know, I got into wardrobe makeovers and being a stylist because I wanted to help “ordinary” women and men realize that by just adding or changing a handful of pieces, they could go from ordinary to extraordinary in their appearance, and very often, that translates to the way they feel, how they are perceived, and treated.   I browse and search blogs and fashion sites daily to stay on top of current styles and the direction fashion will go for the next season.   And, I’m all about following a look or even trend to a certain degree if it flatters you, but it can’t be because a model or celebrity wears it, the style has to work for the person.  Remember, celebrities have stylists.  And upcoming trends very often come from looks on the street in Milan, Paris, London, college campuses, Miami, LA, urban neighborhoods, and on it goes.  I’ve rambled on like this just to stay, part of what makes up your personality Is the attitude with which you wear a piece of clothing or how you change it up from the other person.  Yes, be inspired or even “copy” a look but, add your own vibe.  So, in tribute to being you, here are some pictures of those that really do “do it their way”.

True '60s inspiration!

Look at those glasses! Don't care for the shoes though.....

So classic then Boom! pink tights..

My fa-vor-ite! Love it all!

All of theses photos were taken at fashion weeks across the globe, I think.  They are all by Pete Musik  I think.  A little sampling of street style that you can mull over.  The holidays offer great opportunities to have fun and dress up.  Even if it is just at the office.  So do it and send me a pic!


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One Response to “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”

  1. kristen Says:

    these outfits are great layered looks for the winter!

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