Cold Temps and Thoughts of Spring Fashions

This post is so late…I took a trip to Asheville with extended family so of course, no blogging then.  Just food, fun, family, and a fire going non-stop!  Wonderful.  Then my computer thought it should just wig out for a while…very weird and not wonderful.  But, it has been scanned and hopefully fixed and here I am.  Glad to be on the job!

Last week before I left for the mountains, I was kindly invited to Belk’s Spring Preview.  Arlene Goldstein their fashion forecaster, went over Belk’s view of the upcoming season.  They had some great thoughts and fun items picked out to represent their take on Spring 2012.

Reading about the shows last fall, Belk seems to be right on target.  BIG pops of color will be a hit.  The color tangerine will be a major factor, it has slowly been inching forward for a couple of seasons now.  Laid back Americana clothing, denim and nods to western flare are staying strong.  And shoes will still make or break an outfit!   Color is evermore important here with so many shades on the color wheel shown on straps, toes, heels etc.  For ladies with aching backs, fatter, stacked heels are being shown more and more.

Below I have some pics from Belk’s media layout (except the tote).  I have picked my favorites.

Ok, Belk’s highlight here is supposed to be the lace shirt, and I agree, lace will be a major factor with spring styles.  But listen gals, if you want to be on trend and up to date this season, colored denim is the way to go.  I don’t think they will stick around for years but it’s not a quickie fad either.  I’d feel safe spending a few bucks on some.  So fun!  Try red ones and black flats with a black turtleneck right now and switch to black sandals and a white top later to keep it simple and classy.   Although these pink ones are awfully pretty!  And unless you’re 25 or so and under lose the back pocket distractions!

Miss Me Pink skinny jean, $99.00 Willow & Clay crochet knit top, $98.00

The next pic is what they describe as American original….I call it nautical.  Soooo Hamptons, or Nashville, hehehe.  While this is very unassuming, I do like it for its chic factor.  No wondering what you were trying to convey here…simple yet lovely.  And this blouse would pair perfectly with so many other items.   Shoes?  Would a red pump be too literal….if so, go for neutral.

Jones New York Signature White sleeveless blouse, $69.00 Dot pencil skirt, $99.00

Remember I said BIG pops of color?  Imagine a subtle black, grey, white…pick your color, fairly monotone outfit then bam!  This big ‘ol blue tote.  What a statement.  And done very simply.  So, if your wardrobe consists of drabness, and I hope it doesn’t, consider a bold color in a bag or a pair of shoes.  Maybe a belt or jewelry would be enough for you.  Just try something.

Steve Madden tote/ $198.00/ nordstroms

And lastly, here’s an example of those fatter heels I was referring to.  I think these are a bit of a fad but if you must have the latest, this is an example;  although I wouldn’t replace all my shoes with some like these.  They are cute though!  But now, that tangerine patent toe flat and silver stripe, I could wear those everyday…..classic overtones with a color twist.  Love. it.

Calvin Klein "Pash" patent toe dress flat in beige, $99.00 "Blaine" metallic toe dress pump in beige, $109.00

I want to thank Arlene at Belk for inviting me to their showing.  It was a treat and certainly got me pumped thinking about spring.  What do you think, do you have any favorite trends you see for the upcoming warmer weather?  Let me know…I love feedback!

In reference to my last post, if you want to plow through some sales and the ever dropping prices let me know.  Surgeries are over so I’m ready to roll and have clients calling regularly.  Hope to catch up with YOU soon.  Thanks for reading….


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  1. Michele Says:

    Nice article Melissa!

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