What’s Goin’ On With Street Style?

One of my favorite things to do is people watch….not as in creepy, at your window watching…..but sit in the mall or at the park observing kind of watching.  Plus I’m looking at clothing choices which makes it okay for sure!  Photographers are making a living simply snapping shots of fashion savvy guys and gals.  The fashion world calls it Street Style or Chic.  You may have heard of The Sartorialist. It’s a blog run by fashion street photog Scott Schuman.  The premier street photographer probably.  Click on The Sartorialist below on my blog roll for a look at some great photography, faces, fashion, and surroundings.  Anyway, I thought I’d show some looks from around the globe (not his).  I’m featuring these because the person and their choice of clothing made an impression on me.  I’ve always said I’d rather see someone with a style I don’t like more than someone with no style.  Meaning total vintage, extremely trendy, pink hair, goth, etc. shows the wearer put thought, effort, and creativity into their look and most likely are very interesting people to boot!  So, read on and see what you think.  I did try and choose looks that weren’t too “out there”.

I like this because of the simplicity and availability of the pieces she chose.  Ralph Lauren shoes and J Crew cardigan to name a couple.  A very casual, subtle style…..minimal makeup.  Really nice.  Some young gals would have chosen sloppy black cuff boots; this girl went more classy with a heeled shoe to match her belt.  Don’t know why her pants are wrinkling up, probably Lycra in the pants catching on tights.

Nina Freudenberger/ NYC/ winter 2012

I don’t think this look needs any commentary other than oh. my. goodness.  So pretty.  This woman is a staple at all things fashion in NYC.  Her style is always spot on and impeccable as it is here.  The soft neutral, pinky tones have high scores going into spring, although she wore this in the fall.  Note the delicate gray ankle strap pumps.  Armani jacket.

Lauren Santo Domingo/ NYC fall at 2012 Spring Shows

Just love the pink going on here.  And pairing the pink with the red makes for a very cool combo; both gals are looking kinda retro too.  The red pants are a hint of things to come for this spring’s colored denims.  Take care though, not all can wear high-waisted pants!  I also want you to notice the hems….right where I like hems to end.  If these too closely skim the ground for you or you’re very petite and need to show a bit of your shoe, you could go up 1/2 – 3/4 inch, no more.  Love the sunnies but that bangle looks like it might hurt!

Shiona Turini and Taylor Tomisi-Hill/ NYC 2011 at 2012 Spring shows

What’s not to love here?  White jeans in fall, check.   Military influence, check.  Belt to emphasize waist, check.

Milan fall 2011 at 2012 Spring shows

Another pre-cursor to spring’s colorful bottoms. She let the pants with their color and wide hem do the talking with this outfit, although the jacket talks a bit too! Notice the leather piping on it and her oh so stylish saddlebag purse.  All other pieces but the pants are neutral.

Milan fall 2011 at 2012 Spring shows

This is such a classy look.  You’ll win every time in black and white when it makes a statement like this.

Caroline Seiber/stylist/ Paris 2012

Credit for the first photo goes to Adam Sinding of Le 21eme Arrondissement for Elle magazine.  The rest of the pictures were for Harper’s Bazaar by Mr. Newton, an amazing street photographer.  Click on the picture of interest to take you to the rest of the pictures from that group and many more.

I have some other shots that I think I’m going to save for another post.  I just really love looking at what other fashion loving women and men put together.  And from these shots you can see they usually are mixing and matching.  Not made to go together outfits.  So fun and inspiring!  I hope you’ve enjoyed them too.  What do you think?  I’d love to hear what you’ve put together lately.  Oh, and btw, fall 2012 shows are coming up!!  Hard to believe. Thanks for reading…..


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