Travelin’ Style

Airport travel can really throw people sometimes.  Unfortunately, in our confusion, we’ve (some) have decided that the more comfy and casual the better.  If my sweatshirt is cozy, then sweatpants would make it an all around great outfit!  I disagree, obviously:)  There is definitely a way to travel comfortably and still maintain a sense of style.  Going through an airport is the same as being in public anywhere else and you wouldn’t wear your shouchy sweats in the mall…..right???  But, it seems as though we believe that traveling means going to bed, or at least ultra relaxed.  Is it because we might doze on the plane?  I don’t know, but I vote we all step it up a bit for airline travel.  Who’s with me (insert a fist pump here)?

It’s really very simple for this season.  Nice fitting pants/jeans usually, a top of some sort, a second layer, maybe a cute scarf/ pashmina (for many uses), cute slip-ons, and a bag you like for a magazine, to carry the pashmina, water, or whatever.  Easy peasy.  If you’re practical, you may want to stick with darker colors.  I’ve flown in white jeans before and didn’t get a thing on them but I didn’t have children with me and it was a short flight and I was careful!  Just an fyi.

Below are some celebs that got it right and we know they don’t always!

I like this first picture; 2 layers on top, stylish big green bag for a wrap if needed or reading materials, sunglasses….my only thought is, I like to travel with closed toe shoes.  My feet get cold.  Of course, she’s probably 1st class and can put her feet up with fuzzy socks if she likes.   Nice pedicure though.

Cameron Diaz/ LAX/ photo courtesy People Stylewatch

Cameron Diaz/ LAX/ photo courtesy People Stylewatch

Nothing to say here except, really easy, classic, and cute.  Slip on flats make it easy to get through security.  Simple to copy as seen in the pic next to Sienna.

sienna miller

I believe this is Jessica Biel.  When I got the picture, I forgot to write down the information.  Big problem.  Anyway, this is an example of using a big scarf for an extra wrap and a pop of color.  Last time I flew, I wrapped mine around my head like she has the hoodie here and then wrapped around my neck, 50’s style.  My hair is short and my ears were cold…and it was summertime!  A scarf this large can be wrapped around your shoulders or balled up and used as a pillow.  I probably wouldn’t pull the hood up or even wear it, but that’s just me;)  Flats, jeans, and a trench finish the look out.

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel

Kate chose a stone colored khaki with a cute ankle roll, a loose weave, black over-sized crewneck sweater, and a white tee underneath.  These pieces are definitely roomy enough to be comfy.  She also chose sandals to trek through the airport in.  And note the oh so chic sunglasses.

Kate Bosworth/ LAX/ photo courtesy

Kate Bosworth/ LAX/ photo courtesy

Rihanna picked a maxi to travel in.  She paired it with cute orange sandals and a big bag with who knows what inside! (Won’t address the no bra part)

Rihanna/ LAX/ photo courtesy Daily Mail UK

Rihanna/ LAX/ photo courtesy Daily Mail UK

Kate Moss is not traveling here but I love the thought of such a springy look for the plane.  Maybe you’re meeting a special someone at the end of your flight…if so, why not look this cute??  Switch the pump for a pointy toe black flat, add a travel bag, maybe a second layer, and you’re ready to go!

Kate Moss/

Kate Moss

The main point with these pictures and this post is that they wore outfits.  Being out in public, especially for an extended amount of time calls for real clothing, not lounge wear.  That’s my humble opinion.  Again, sooo easy…..pants or even jeans, real shoes, a couple layers of tops, not major league baseball tees, and a bag.  You can do this!!

Have fun on your spring travels whether it be out west to ski, south to lay on the beach, or maybe D.C. for a school class trip.  Just remember, your choice of clothing does say something about you, and the great thing is, you get to choose what.

I’m available to help you with your packing, personal shopping, or some spring closet clean out….just email or call.  Thanks for reading,

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