Glit and Glam Part 1

And so it begins…the pleasure/agony of choosing what to wear for about a month and a half of holiday happenings!  When I work with clients I like to remind them to have a wedding outfit and funeral outfit ready to go.  That should also include a party/event ready look.  And as the holidays begin the pressure to look good usually increases.  I mean, my goodness, just getting dressed to go to Green Hills can be an ordeal!

For this post, since it appears I’ve had writer’s block for several months now, I’m going to entertain you with advice from Clinton Kelly.  He says things I’d like to say but much more bluntly and funny.  Below I’m going to focus on some general tips.  For the rest of the post Clinton will be CK.   Enjoy!

On matching outfits and jewelry CK says;

“Matching your top to your bottom makes you look simpleminded, completely out-of-date, or just plain old.  Style has changed since the 1950’s. It’s not about wearing the perfectly matching set as it is displayed on a mannequin.  It’s about putting pieces together with your own twist.”

Take it from me, I did mannequins for several years and we styled mannequins to catch the eye, not to copy exactly.  Very often they are a bit over the top.  They are an example from which to create your own look.  The example below is not to confuse you but if you can pull this off, then match away.  Although I would have done a black heel.  Even though she is totally matched her individual style still comes through with the small purse, sunglasses, full skirt, etc.  This is more monotone than matchy matchy.

Atlantic-Pacific blogspot




On jewelry CK says;

“I can kinda of understand buying a pair of matching earrings and a necklace that come in one blue velvet box.  But I don’t quite get why a woman would wear them together.  When your earrings match your necklace, it looks like you’re wearing a “set”, and a “set” doesn’t say you have style.  It says you don’t have a mind of your own.  Unless you’re a Stepford wife, this is not how style works anymore.”

Tough huh?  I’ll disagree a bit here and say that if you have diamond earrings and a diamond necklace they may certainly be worn together and the same is true for pearls or any precious gems.  Different styles would be good though.  Below is a “no”.


Matching jewelry set $129.99 Payless Jewelry

Matching jewelry zebra cz set/ $129.99 /Payless Jewelry



This is my favorite because I have to caution clients on this all the time….a black addiction.  I know many of you have it, right?

CK  says ” I often find that women who wear only black don’t feel too great about their bodies and use black as urban camouflage.  I hate to break it to you, but black doesn’t make you invisible.  Clothes that fit you well can trick others into thinking you have a better body than you actually do and, perhaps more important, lend an air of self-respect to your appearance.  Focus on fit before color.  Black is absolutely classic and sophisticated but best when used in moderation.”

I agree!  Women often think of Jackie Kennedy but her black was generally paired with a color or cream or white.   And IF you are going to wear all black, it doesn’t need to be a sloppy turtleneck and polyester pants or a cheap suit.  They should be well made sophisticated pieces that fit.  And don’t misinterpret  fit to mean tight!

While the picture below features young, slender women, the point I want you to get is the styling.  A pointy toe flat, ankle pants,  a short jacket, etc.  You could add a statement necklace, a silk shirt in a bright color, or any number of things to make it sophisticated.  Especially if you are doing black for a Christmas party….an LBD can be very boring without some point of interest.


So as you start picking your outfits for your holiday event, choose carefully.  Use texture, pattern, shine, or detail to create interest but not all at the same time!  Remember, you don’t want to be in competition with the tree!

I have about 12 work days left before I take time off for Christmas, some December is already booked.   I’d love to put you on my list!  AND on Tuesdays December 11th and 18th, you and a friend can have my services at Opry Mills for 3 hours.  The fee for 2 will be $195, regularly $210.  A  one day 3 hour shopping extravaganza with your best friend at the outlets!  I can even give advice on buying clothes for those on your gift list.  I will be offering this for those 2 days through December 5th then they will revert to regular pricing.  Call or email me with any questions.

Also, I always have gift certificates available.

I love this time of year…I love giving gifts.  Whether bought, handmade, making donations in the name of someone, or doing something for those less fortunate….it’s all so fun to me!  I hope you enjoy this time also.

Thanks for reading!










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  1. Marlene Butler Says:

    great post… good pointers!

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