January 2013~Bring It!

Welcome New Year!

As I go through 2013 there will be a handful of “do’s and don’t’s” for my clients….not ones like ‘dress your age’, we all know that.  But things like, fashion should be fun and don’t covet the “it” item of the season.  Be yourself but dress well.  If you are a solid classic dresser than be that, but sometimes with flare.  If you are the artsy type, great, just don’t wear a costume.  Whatever your style type is, do it the best you can, don’t be boring, and know when to mix it up.  For those with a more colorful style, know when to tone it down.  I’ll deal with needed basics later but this post is about having fun while looking fabulous, whatever your style.

To get started, a definite “do” is to develop a sense of self-confident dressing.  We all have those days when too late we realize that the outfit just isn’t working.  I hate those days.  But for some of us, that is everyday because we believe nothing looks good.  Many times in a dressing room I become a therapist for women that berate their bodies. I want you to Stop It!  Everyone has bits and parts we don’t like.  We need to work on dealing with it and move on.  And actually, a self-confident dresser doesn’t usually need me:)  One day the world will be right and we’ll all look wonderful in jeans, bathing suits, shorts, sleeveless tops, etc.

A second “do” is strive to be a fashion forward person that knows when and how to mix high and low priced items.  For instance….

Pair a beautiful cashmere sweater (which you can buy at a great price now)…..

J Crew Tippi sweater/  $99.00

J Crew Tippi sweater/ $99.00

with a cheaper necklace, watch, bracelet, whatever…..just lovely.

Gold stone necklace/ Target/ $14.99

Gold stone necklace/ Target/ $14.99

Next is a big “don’t” I mentioned at the beginning….don’t let your style get stale, boring, and just plain bad.  Do we need to talk about all the things that are NOT good about this?


And then all the things that are beautiful about this?  From fabric to cut to sharp details to fit and everything in between.

Boss black suit/ $750ish/ Bloomingdales

Boss black suit/ $750ish/ Bloomingdales

So, two “do’s” and one “don’t” to get your new year jump started.  Hopefully these will resonate and you can begin to look at your wardrobe with a fresh eye.  As always, I look forward to hearing from you.  Please call, I’d love to help in any way I can.  496~3603.

Thanks so much for reading and please pass it on and share!  It’s always appreciated.

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