End of the Season Sales….Whoo Hoo!!

If you love clothes and need to replace or update pieces in your wardrobe, this is the time.  Next fall/winter you can have new, fresh things to add to your closet without spending a dime because you did it ahead of time.  And this isn’t about buying just to buy, it’s about replacing that black cardigan that’s pilled and faded.  Or your brown boots that are 10 years old.  Department stores, boutiques, and even consignment stores have greatly reduced merchandise that they need to move.  In fact, at this point in February, selections are getting very lean. There is no way I can show everything I’d like to so this is a very condensed list of items I think are worth checking out.  I will only include things that have a decent size selection.  Let’s get started…

Do you work all day, do you go to church, do you need low heels for comfort, do you desire Italian design and craftsmanship:)?  Well, here ya go.  These are beautiful patent, true not faux, leather.  They will be a 3 season pump and beautifully accentuate any outfit you wear them with.  And Via Spiga is a very high end shoe maker.  Several sizes available online and the bonus?  They come in nude also…that might be my first choice!  It may be returned to a local Nordstorm if needed.

Via Spiga 'Angie' / $98/ Nordstroms.com

Via Spiga ‘Angie’/$98/ Nordstroms.com

My, how I love this dress.  The perfect color to wear as pictured for fall/winter and then when it starts to warm up, a pair of tan sandals with a fat chunky heel or brown flats and long gold chain.  For those that like comfort (how many times do I hear that???), this is a sure bet.  In fact, many avoid J Jill because of their reputation for non-formfitting clothing.  It’s a classic cut for sure!

Crepe shift/ JJill.com/ $39.99

Crepe shift/ JJill.com/ $39.99

Right now, J. Crew is having a wonderful 30% off it’s clearance items.  The only problem is, it will be a final sale.  So, I’m posting something that comes in several colors, almost everyone can use and wear, and it’s a fabulous price.  Since you can’t try it on and this is a piece that doesn’t have to fit snug and will likely be worn over blouses and such, if you are concerned, order a size up.  Otherwise, I believe they run pretty true to size.  J. Crew has a live chat feature if you want confirmation on fit.  Fabulous sweater, total classic that can be prim and proper or you can rock it over a silky cami with skinny jeans and heels.  Remember, an extra 30% off!

Tippi cardigan/$39.99/ jcrew.com

Tippi cardigan/$59.99/ jcrew.com

If you haven’t ever checked out the site Bluefly you should.  An online department store with tons of brands, at discounts.  And this necklace at $21.00 from $70 is a STEAL.  The blue is just gorgeous and such a cool design with the gold crescent.   I truly might order it myself.

Gold/Blue bib necklace/ Bluefly.com/ $20.99

Gold/Blue bib necklace/ Bluefly.com/ $20.99

Because green is such a huge color this spring, I’ve included this cute cotton green dot sweater.  Pair it on cold days with a black pencil skirt and boots and on warmer spring days with white jeans and flats.   And until Monday you receive an extra 30% off here also.  Can’t beat that!

Green dot sweater/ Gap.com/ $34.99

Green dot sweater/ Gap.com/ $34.99

Everything I’ve listed is online but the stores are chock full of little gems just waiting to find their way to your closet.  I hope I’ve inspired you to do some deal shopping for pieces to transition to spring or to pull out in September…so much fun to do that!

If there is anything I can help you with, please don’t hesitate to call.  We are in the midst of crazy temperature changes and weather.  How to pair tops and bottoms for the day can wear you out….don’t let it.  I’ll help put together some outfits with what you have or we can shop, just give me a call or email.

Have a wonderful long weekend and thanks so much for reading!

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