It’s Time to Move into Spring

Really, its past time.  If you are still pulling on your dark green wool sweater on a chilly morning, it’s time to clean it and pack it away.  One evening after the kids are in bed and you’re watching Dancing With the Stars (oh yeah!) pull all your winter darks out to de-pill, put aside for cleaning, fold/hang, and put away.  March and April will have cold days but that’s when your pastel cotton silk sweater or cute navy knit blazer comes into play (don’t worry if you don’t have those!).  The goal on these days is to have the look of spring with pieces constructed of fabrics like cotton, silk, cashmere, and blends  and utilize layering.  Fortunately, these cold spells don’t stick around and we can have a 70 degree day quickly.

Below are some good spring, cool weather layering options…..

Please just stop the whole “I don’t look good in yellow” thing:)  This bright coat will look good on anyone!  Oh my goodness, it is so cute…pleats all around.  And don’t you know everyone needs a trench?

via spiga $129 sale

Via Spiga /Yellow Trench/ $129/ Nordstrom

Now, it may sound very un-spring-like but my new favorite shoe is a bootie or ankle boot.  I just saw the forecast and saw 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s all in one week.  Seriously.  So, black leather boots may be a bit heavy for March but light colored suede booties are just the thing!  I love these. Trying to decide whether to spend my spring money on these or a light weight leather jacket for spring ….arghhhhh, decisions!!

bcbg bootie 97.00 zappos

BCBG booties/ $97.00/ Zappos

And my third suggestion for layering or warm spring dressing is a beautiful pair of tropical or light weight wool trousers.  Not a cotton blend khaki or some stretchy blend crop pant but a traditional pair of pants to be worn to work, dinner, or a nice luncheon.  And yes, I’m using the ancient term “trousers”.  It just conjures up a nicer image than pants!

I chose a gray pair because I can see them paired with various blouses, blazers, or sweaters.  And a light weight wool pant is perfect for our last cool days.  Don’t ya think?  And, wool is definitely on sale right now.

Gray wool trouser/ Michael Kors/  Neiman Marcus $243 sale

Gray wool trouser/ Michael Kors/ Neiman Marcus $243 sale

On these last cool days when you’re still freezing, remember to layer in spring shades.  Heavy dark looking pieces will feel all wrong for March….even if it’s cold!  Please call or email for any spring help in your closet or for shopping.  Let’s get it done!!

Thanks as always for reading,

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3 Responses to “It’s Time to Move into Spring”

  1. moviequail Says:

    Hi Melinda, If one wants to wear the neutral/camel booties with a skirt or dress, are tights okay, and if so, what color? Thanks!

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