If You Haven’t Heard It From Me, You Should Have!

It’s that time of year again when women everywhere have to deal with the sometimes dilemma of white jeans.  I found this slideshow from Luckymag.com that I thought gave some good advice.  It shows some good picks but even better, the tips are short, sweet, and on target.  Do get white jeans, just make sure they are the right ones for you.  I am personally not a fan of  “jeggings”, the first ones pictured.  I don’t even like the term.  Really only suited for the young and slender in my opinion.

Enjoy the show….oh, it starts on slide #2, don’t know why so hit arrow to see #1:)

Check This Out

Check This Out

This short little post looks so empty!  But, good advice from Lucky.

Spring appointment dates are filling up….call or email to book!


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2 Responses to “If You Haven’t Heard It From Me, You Should Have!”

  1. Bete Says:

    I found the best fitting white jeans at Loft. The Modern Straight are a great material and fit fantastic!!!

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