The Final 3

To finish off my summer essentials which by this time should be titled my end of summer essentials, I’m writing about 3 more easy peasy pieces that we all need.  Items that you can pair up with out dwelling on it.  These pieces require little effort but can make a big bang style wise.

So, building on the last post, the fourth item is a great pair of shorts.  I don’t really care if they are solid or not, I’ve chosen a pair with a print.  If you go with a solid pair, make sure you keep them in good condition and they don’t double as your yard work shorts!  A pretty pair of crisp cotton khaki shorts are can be dressed up or down for sure.  If you tell me you aren’t a shorts person I would probably respectfully disagree with you.  There are very nice walking length shorts available that would probably look great on you.  You just have to keep trying till you find the right pair for you.  And really unless you are farily petite or a pre-teen, no one needs to be wearing 3″ or shorter inseam shorts.

These are from good ‘ol Old Navy.  Love.  Can’t you see them with a seafoam green tee for casual wear or dressed up with a silky cream sleeveless blouse and thong sandals??

old navy short 17.00

Ikat print twill short/ Old Navy/ $17.00

Fifth on the all important list:) is a fun summer skirt.  I don’t care if it’s a maxi or short, full or straight.  Which ever style best suits your body type.  Just make it fun and pretty.  Ideally, you could wear flat sandals or a cute natural wedge with it.  Like the shorts it can be patterned, solid, even a textured fabric.

This one is a little pricey but oh so nice!  And many of you will say yellow is not my color but it’s not up at your face!  Pair “your” color with it and you have a fun color combo outfit.  Heels or flat sandals are totally appropriate for this cute piece.  I like the nude pair they show with it here.  Note though, these pleats don’t work on everyone.

Knife pleat yellow skirt/ Ann Taylor/ $99.88

Knife pleat yellow skirt/ Ann Taylor/ $99.88

And just so you can get an idea of how a maxi shouldn’t look, in my opinion, see the one below.  It’s a bad combination of sitting high on the waist, bleh fabric, hitting at a confusing spot on the leg, and no umph to the whole outfit.  One out of that list wouldn’t be a deal breaker but all of them together equals a sad, matronly look.

Monsoon print skirt/ $79.00

Monsoon print skirt/ $79.00

My last suggestion for the summer is super fabulous sandal.  I’m not gonna specify whether it should be a heel or flat.  If you wear both then go with what you need the most.  I do suggest a brown/ tan color though.  It just goes with a ton.  Plus, you can break it out early in the spring and take it into the fall.  A metallic is a good choice also.  Black is okay but mid summer I think brown just looks more fresh.

The ones below are really a great all around sandal with cute twist and a classic line.  For those that need cushioning, these have a rubber sole.  For those with a wide foot, try a t-strap like these. No straps to be too tight and it elongates the foot.  Vegan?  These aren’t leather.  There are hundreds of  others to choose at higher and lower prices, with details, and with heels.  So, no excuses.

Christin Michaels sandal/ $49.00

Christin Michaels sandal/ $49.00

So, here at the end of July are my summer picks:)  I’ll do fall in November….just kidding!  Seriously, good markdowns are  going on now.  The fall shades are starting to come in, can you believe it?  This is a fantastic time to shop for summer things so give me a call or email.  We’ll set something up!

Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the week!!  Oh and I have lost my share/save button so please do it on your own, thanks!!

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2 Responses to “The Final 3”

  1. Linda Yandell Dove Says:

    Hey Melinda, I ordered some Tretorns for me. Also I got some of the Old Navy shorts you spoke about. Will call you in the fall. Linda Dove

  2. Melinda Says:

    Yay Linda…talk with you soon!

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