Happy Year New!! Winter 2014…Bring It!

 Franklin Rd. snowy barn

Isn’t the picture above beautiful??  One of our many beautiful barns here in Middle Tennessee….in the snow which is appropriate for these days.  So, as we step into a brand spanking new year I assume the last thing you want to dwell on is your clothing.  I mean, pounds to lose, stockings to put up and decorations to put away, dinners for cold nights to plan, getting back to school and work, and on it goes.  Who even has time to figure out what to wear day-to-day?  Nashville just came through a “polar vortex”; translate, really cold air.  I for one like it.  Winter is a time for nature to rest and get ready for a beautiful spring.  Buttttt, we don’t have to sit back and let the dark, cold days get us down.  Look at it as a time to wear those new sweaters or boots.  Or better yet, head to the mall one day and take advantage of the clearance sales that will only continue to lower as time goes on.

I am fortunate enough to be able to work in what I choose.  I have my own self-imposed dress code.  Today while I work from home, it’s jeans, sweaters, and boots with a little hot spice tea thrown in.  But, I well realize that many of you wake up having to pull together something a bit more office appropriate.  Maybe this post will help.

Keep in mind these items are for looking stylish while staying warm, not to win most chic work attire, but you might;)

The first item I’d invest in for sure would be the best knee-high, heeled yet comfortable, boots I could afford.  And take care of them like they were your only child.  Black and brown if possible.   If you want a more feminine/modern take on the boots, slim the heel and stay away from rubberized soles.  From there, I’d move on to pumps.  Again, comfortable heels; I want you to want to wear them.  Same rule applies though as the boots for a more on trend look.  And end with at least 2 pair of flats.  Pointy toe flats have a more sophisticated look and will pair great with pants or skirts and tights.

Rockport Ordella leather boot/ Zappos/ $179.99

ivanka trump carmens 130

Ivanka Trump pointy toe flats/ Zappos/ $130.00

The second item/items category would be a handful of work appropriate dresses and skirts.  And then, tops/sweaters to pair with the skirts.  The dress below is a national brand name dress easily found at most major department stores.  Not designer but not Target.  Layer a gray cardigan over this for warmth.

donna ricco python 128

Donna Ricco python dress/ Nordstroms/ $138.00

The next would be 3-4 pair of pants, mixing in traditional trousers and some slim, ankle length ones if that style is flattering for you.  If not, try a wide leg pant.  They look very nice with pumps.  I chose the pant below for a couple of reasons.  Not the blouse it’s pictured with:) First, the color…. not black but a lovely deep orchid (which btw is THE color for spring just lighter).  These would easily pair with black, navy, gray, and cream.  They are cotton/wool and lined I believe.  Should be very well made.  They are a bit short here because the model is 5’10 and has on heels.  Also, this particular pair is available in sizes through 12 and is not a skinny pant.  All my clients are NOT a size 4.  But hurry, these pants won’t last long at that price.

trina turk 100 NM

Trina Turk pant/ Neiman Marcus/ $100.00

Lastly, outerwear.  Wouldn’t it be fun to stride, forget walking, into the office in a coat dictated by the weather not by what you grabbed from the back of your car left over from your grocery run last night? Some options would include a lined trench, a knee-length wool coat, or possibly if you’re looking for a little panache, a cape.  The coat below is lovely with double seaming down the back. The garnet shade gives a touch of color to dull winter days. Other colors are available.  Add gloves of course and wah~lah…winter office wear done!

Garnet wool coat/ Land's End/ $104.00

Garnet wool coat/ Land’s End/ $104.00

Yes, yes, I hear you all using choice words right now…I know it’s not that simple, or even fun for that matter.  But, the fact remains if you have to work….you can put forth an effort or not.  I hope you choose to make the effort. I know every day won’t be a winner but most can….plus it’s a great mood boost to look fab!

And there is not a better time to be buying up all the pieces you need then right now.  Much easier on the wallet than in October.  But hurry, pickin’s are probably getting slim at this point.

I hope this helps elevate your Monday~Friday look.  If all it’s done is frustrate you (not my intention I promise), then please call for a more one on one evaluation.  It’s helpful and fun!  We can whip your closet into shape in no time. 

Thanks as always for reading…please pass on!

Stay warm,

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