Not Your Everyday Snooty Stylist, I Hope

I think I’m not like other wardrobe stylists.  Just the title Wardrobe Stylist sounds, well, you know, witchy with a B.

Lately I’ve read some style posts by others stylists.  Something I never do.  It only serves to make me feel inadequate with my skills. And, well I/we know mine to be superior!;)  Btw, this will be a post about summer “rules” like the last one.  Note the quotation marks.

Anyway, they were all going on about don’t do this and never do that.   They make it sound as though no one has a real life.  Like we all “dress” to go to the grocery.  I even read one that said no shorts after the age of 40. That’s FORTY YEARS OLD.  And if you absolutely had to, they needed to be pressed bermuda shorts.  Seriously?

Pick up any fashion magazine and there’ll be a ‘Must Have for Summer’ article making you think that you’ll be the only one at the church picnic without said items.  Yikes if you’re caught without the proper sandal!  And personal shoppers, oops, I mean wardrobe stylists everywhere buy into it.  Don’t they know that style, fashion, sartorial sense should all be about individuality?  I talk to women all the time that won’t wear stripes because of a rule they read somewhere. Sad.

Don’t get me wrong.  I buy into, for instance, the J Crew look… a ton.  I really love it, usually.  But I also like this…click here to see cool individual look:)  Wait, is that sequins and suede?  I’m sure, by virtue of the fact that the pieces cost an arm and leg is probably a big part of why they look good together.  But still.

So, how does this take us to my post about what to wear during the long, hot, dusty, days of summer?  It doesn’t really.  I just think that fashion has become such a mega business, stylists have hopped on the gravy train and are being paid by unknowing clients to tow the stylist party line.  The strict rules of which sizes can wear white jeans, what the toe on your shoe has to be shaped like, and such on and so forth.  I like to think most of my clients have some common sense.  They usually know when something is not an of the moment (or decade) style.  And of course if they don’t, I’ll tell them why we should toss it or how another style would look better.  It’s all about looks that compliment your body type, skin tone, etc.  But I bet you a dollar I’m one of the few stylists that like to work with a client’s personality and general leaning toward a particular look, not against it.  If you love preppy then I’ll help you find a way to incorporate it into a look that compliments you.  I could go on about that but really need to get to the point of the post, my “rules”.  Call if you want clarification.

Ok, so last post we touched on white jeans, undergarments, summer feet, and makeup.  Gosh that was weird a post.  But, so’s this one.  Oh well.

Let’s discuss summer tees.  Have you noticed how thin the fabric has gotten the past few years? Couldn’t find a pic but I know you know what I’m talking about.  I replaced several of mine this year.  Because of the recent trend towards very thin material they just do not hold up well.  I ended up with several colors from Gap and Loft and a good white one that doesn’t require a cami underneath from Banana.  I went with V necks.  Crews will work for some and I do have a few, but V’s are generally more flattering.  So, look at Loft, Old Navy, J Crew, and Gap for run around tees to pair with skirts and shorts.  Even Target.  Go to Banana for a good white tee and you might get a couple of them, maybe different styles.  I got mine at 50% off.


Timeless white cotton tee/ Banana Republic/ $22.50

Timeless white cotton tee/ Banana Republic/ $22.50

Now let’s tackle shorts.  What to say, what to say????  I’m going to make it easy.  Shorts come in various inseams (lengths) starting at 3″ and going to about 11″.  For the majority of women I’d say stay within the 5″ to 7-9″ inseam. 3″ shorts should be reserved for young 20 somethings and women with shorter legs.  And I do have clients that this length is appropriate for, just not many.  11 inches is pretty doggone long.  A true Bermuda short.  I think if it’s hitting at the top of your knee it’s an awkward look.  If long is the length you feel comfortable in, try 7-9″.   My bet is they’ll look great.  I love this pic….not a stick thin model.  An average woman!  Talbots has great size choices….Petite, Woman, Missy, and Woman Petite.

Twill cotton short, 7"inseam/ Talbots/ $44.50

Twill cotton short, 7″inseam/ Talbots/ $49.50

I have women all the time tell me their legs aren’t toned, tan, or whatever.  Remember, this post and last are about dealing with the shape you have, getting rid of the baggy clothing and dark colors you’ve been hiding behind and embracing summer:)  You can do it!!!  Maybe light yellow shorts and a white tee aren’t the best choices for you but I’m sure we can find what is!  I’m not saying get your Daisy Dukes out, just dress according with the season.

The link below will give you a look into the next post.  Maybe it will motivate you to re-assess your hair and makeup.  More to follow…..

Thanks so much for reading.   Have a fabulous weekend!

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