As I stated in my last post, this week will be about hair styles. Take a good looooong look in the mirror.  Is it time for a change?  Probably.

In my business there’s a ton of emphasis on beauty, obviously.  How to achieve the whitest smile, the glossiest hair, the flattest abs, etc.  That’s not what I’m about as a stylist or what this post is about.  I want my clients to feel good in their clothes but also their own skin.  Comfortable with how they look.  Not always wishing for something else.

But obviously, the crux of my job is to tell people what looks good and what doesn’t.  Yes, that dress emphasizes your waist (good thing) or yes, those pants are too tight (bad thing).  So, while touting “be yourself” I’m also advising on what to change.  A conundrum?  I don’t think so.  I just want to help my clients look and dress appropriately and flatteringly.  It truly affects the way other respond to you.  And many times that involves hair and usually to a lesser degree makeup.

I don’t often give suggestions in those areas.  My business is solely focused on the wardrobe side.  But, I have thought of pulling together a list of respected and knowledgeable hair stylists and make-up artists to refer clients to.  Then I could possibly offer a whole makeover.  Still dwelling on that.  But, moving on….

There are definitely times when I’ve thought “boy, if she’d just get new hair style/color she’d be a knockout”.  We become very attached to our hair.  I know.

Five years ago this fall, mine started falling out in clumps. I was into my second or third round of chemo for breast cancer.  In December of that year, on my wedding anniversary, on a Saturday, because it itched and was shedding everywhere, and I felt so absolutely awful and sick, I decided I wanted it gone.  That day.  A dear friend came over and shaved it off.  I sat in my kitchen in a chair and when it was done I quickly said goodby and thanks and went to our bathroom.  I cried for a short time then I was done crying.  It felt so much better to be bald.  In fact, being bald never really upset me.  It was strange, but not upsetting.

In preparation for chemo, I had my long hair cut short.  Hair that had been various stages of long for just about my whole adult life.  I didn’t cry then, I liked it short.  It wasn’t as awful as I’d thought it would be.  It wasn’t awful at all. I mean, people come on….hair grows back!   Mine wasn’t going to then, but for everyone else that is upset over a haircut, NEWSFLASH, it grows back!  All of this is to say, don’t be afraid to try something new.  If you’ve had the same style or color for more than 5 years, look at making a change.  Even if it’s just a small one.

Here are some examples to get you motivated!!

In this first makeover, she really didn’t lose much length at all.  But look at the top….better color and not so flat against the scalp.

Hair makeover 1

Hair makeover 1

This one looks 10 years younger and cute as can be.  Come on ladies!

Hair makeover 2

Hair makeover 2

This might be my fave.  For so many, long hair is soooo important.  You’ve got to take some length off now and again.

Hair makeover 3

Hair makeover 3

Nope, the second one here is my fave.  Simply because so many women have that dated color and style.  Get rid of that frosted blonde!!  (Notice, the eye highlighter up to the eyebrow is gone also)

Hair makeover 4

Hair makeover 4 and 5

Just a little length, darker color, and smoothing.

Hair makeover 6

Hair makeover 6

I could go on posting picture after picture.  And you’ve seen them on tv.  I know it’s a big deal to think about cutting and coloring.  And if you have to walk into an office the next day and don’t love it, well, it’s not fun.  So, before you leave the salon make sure you know how to style it yourself, you are happy with cut and color, and don’t leave OR make another appointment to return to fix it if you aren’t happy.  If you need low maintenance, tell them. Take pictures to show your stylist and make sure you have one that will say if it’s not the right look for you or yes, that look will take 30 minutes of your morning to achieve.

Sometimes, it just takes a little to have a huge impact on your look.  If it’s not your hair, maybe it’s your make-up.  That’s next time!

Thanks for reading…..summer sales are off and running and in some stores things are already picked over.  Call me!!

Enjoy your week!
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  1. Lisa Stinson Says:

    An excellent reminder that a little bit of change can do wonders! Waiting anxiously for your fall fashion forecast!

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