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Summertime….And The Living Is Easy

May 27, 2010

No more promises of posting more or “so sorry”……it’s just life right now!  But, yay, the warm weather is here to stay.  Longer days,  lunches by the pool,  pretty pink pedicures,  grilled dinners for friends,  ice cream,  kids out playing til dark, hydrangeas,  the list goes on and on.   It’s a fabulous time of year.

Retailers have marked down most of  spring and starting to discount early summer.  It’s a great time to pick up some deals.  I’m going to list a couple here that I know are going on right now.   Both of these stores have run these deals previously so you may have taken advantage of them already, but they’re good ones!

I love these boyfriend shorts.  I’ve got two pair of this style,  not the chambray but twill.  Navy and a light brown and I’ve loved them.  They are great with cute thong sandals, canvas sneakers and tees, or I can roll mine down and do heels like in the picture.  Very versatile.  They are on sale for $25.00.

Gap Chambray Boyfriend shorts/ $49.50

This next item is also very versatile and will definitely take you into fall.   Who can get by without a cover or something on your shoulders in a movie theatre or a restaurant?  It is reminiscent of earlier decades to carry your sweater or jacket over your arm like a handbag.  Very chic.  This one from Loft (as in Ann Taylor Loft) is a perfect weight and 3/4 length sleeves work perfectly for summer. I really wish this picture was bigger.  Sorry!   This style comes in 3 colors.  Along with the white, there is black, and toffee.   Fabulous with jeans, skirts, shorts… whatever.  This style and another one are on sale for again, a whopping $25.00.   DEAL.

Loft twisted trim cardigan/ $49.50

The other sale  I need to mention is at Dillards;  they have several styles of shoes, various seasons, at 70% off.  I got cute little Antonio Melani (sp?) animal print flats for $24.00.   Too cute, if I do say so myself.  Obviously all of these deals can be found in good ole Music City.  But hurry, I don’t know how long they will run.  You know, sometimes the basics are all you need and summertime is perfect for tees, shorts, and cardis.

Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend.  Take a moment and remember those that have fought through the years and are fighting now for our country.   Heros all.


Mix it Up

April 27, 2010

A client and I were talking the other day about how much we liked J Crew clothing.  I told her the only thing that bothered me was that  people didn’t realize they didn’t have to be J Crew head to toe.   It can, not always, but often become very predictable.  I love to take items from unexpected places and use with recognizable pieces.  For instance, J Crew has that cute little skimmer capri pant hands down.  In a beautiful rust, black, khaki, and I don’t know what else.  Take that pant and go to UAL or Blush and find a top that will look fantastic and make people wonder what in the world happened to your routine outfits!!!

Check-out this look and tell me what you think….

Cutest floral western shirt, cotton, snap pockets, western yolk in back, also comes in light and dark denim;  I’ll tell you where it’s from at the end.  Wear it opened with the ribbed tank and denim skirt (shorter if you’re younger!)…..pre~shush!!

Miley Cyrus/Max Azaria western shirt/ $14.00

Purple ribbed tank/ Gap/ $14.50

Banana Republic denim skirt/ on sale, $59.50

And now for the previously mentioned skimmer pant…..I love this little white cotton sun top.  It is appliqued at the top and hem edge.  Simple and summery and beautiful with the gray pant.   (wish the pic was larger) It would obviously go with any pant color or short.  The rust skimmer with the white top would be fabulous also.  Add the super cool necklace below or pump it up with a colorful scarf!!

l.e.i. cotton top/ $9.00 (yes 9)

J Crew skimmer capri/ on sale $59.50/

Kenneth Cole gold and silver tone leave necklace/ $58.00

Well, what do you think.  Doable?  Absolutely.  Easy?  Yes!  All I’m saying is first, mix your pieces.  Play with the stuff in your closet and see what outfits you can come up with.  Secondly, add a little something, double layers, jewelry, a scarf,  just something to make it your own.  Above all, have fun with your wardrobe….call me if you’re having trouble, I love to have fun.

Okay, did you guess where the tops are from?  Wal-mart.  (Note I went for 100% cotton tops; construction is probably fair to good) All you savvy shoppers already know about the random little gems you can come across in unexpected places.  Plus, along with all your friends not having the same piece, very frequently you’ll save some bucks.  I’m just sayin’…..



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