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Little Bunny Foo Foo

April 20, 2011

Ok, the kids are set, hubby even has his new spring shirt and tie, but what about you?   Will it be last year’s outfit?  Or, will you do what I did years ago….I made, as in sewed, a white skirt on the day before Easter, then went out that evening and bought a sweater to go with it, then came home and finished sewing my toddler’s shorts and smocked top.   Please tell me NO ONE behaves that way anymore.  How crazy!!!  Even if you are single, sometimes the whole Easter/Passover outfit dilemma becomes just tooo much.  So today I’m here to try and make it a tad bit easier, maybe!

It’s already Wednesday and if you work out of the home or in, finding a dress or skirt and top plus shoes if needed, could be really time-consuming.  My plan is, most of us already own a black skirt right?  Why not pair it with a beautiful white blouse/top and a necklace of pearls, also a piece most of us have.  The ivory pearls will look beautiful against the white of the top.  The blouse needs to have great details or be constructed from a really fine fabric, plus fit nicely.  Then wear black pumps or sandals you already own, but if you have time and some extra moolah,  find a fabulous pair of sandals in a bright color to “pop” the outfit.  Red or bright yellow would give you some real oomph!

Below are a couple examples of really nice blouses that would work….I’d probably check the department stores before places like Banana Republic or Cotton Mill for the right one, you’ll have a larger selection.

It doesn’t have to cost this much!!  I hope you can see the lovely draping in the front….great for tummy disguising.

A.L.C. draped silk and jersey top/ $250/

I also like this one, structured and sweet at the same time.  Plus blouses look fabulous on just about everyone.

Ralph Lauren "Loryna" ruffled blouse/ $98 (I think)/ Nordstroms

If you’d like to add a black belt for interest, go ahead.  Or if you have a white skirt and like the look above, I’m all for that too!

My last option for quick and limited shopping but at great prices is a consignment store.  I got 3 items at Designer Finds in Green Hills  just the other day.  A red,  strapless, cotton sateen dress with the same color embroidering ( really pretty) from Ann Taylor for $35.00,  a  navy blue lined in white cotton maxi skirt for $14.00, it’ll be great with flip flops or chunky brown platforms, and a J Crew paisley blouse for $24.  I saw some great spring wedding or Easter choices also.

I hope this helps a bit and makes your next few days less frantic.   With worrying about baskets and such, who needs the headache??

Happy Easter…… I hope your weekend is glorious!


In the Easter Parade

April 2, 2010

I’m really going to show my shallowness and vanity with the next sentence.  I think this will be the first year I have not worn something new for Easter.  How terrible is that;  I’m finally ashamed that a new dress has been my first thought all these years.  And boy have I been concerned before….late nights sewing not just for me, but having to smock a dress for my daughter as well, going out late on Saturday evening to find something new, I really set my self up too many times.  Thankfully, I normally pulled it off but the stress was awful.  And this year, if  I’m totally honest, I did have a “new to me” frock I bought at a consignment sale.  A David Meister linen/cotton sheath dress.  I got it out a couple of days ago and tried it on and was horrified to see some light rust looking stains down the back!  Then, I sprayed some oxy stuff on it.  Lesson learned, always test a hidden area :) otherwise it might look like, as my son said “what peed on your dress?”  So truthfully, I guess you could say I have been forced into my more mature, more spiritual way of looking at Easter because I am not buying anything new this weekend!  Boy, I sound like a heathen.

But, if unlike me, you still want a little newness in you attire for Easter, let’s look at a couple of options.  Classy, respectful, and appropriate are things you want to keep in mind as you shop.

If any of you know me very well you know I have a slight obsession with navy blue.  Similar to others’ obsession with black.  This little precious dress is tone on tone navy gingham and has layers at the bottom in  a couple different fabrics.  It is appropriately covered at the top and you could certainly add a short little cardigan or wrap for more.  Add a pair of the oh so popular nude heels or….a cute little red or yellow pair for a real punch.  I want this.

tonal gingham navy dress/ Anthropologie

For this dress I looked for something different from the last post on gardeny things but still wanted a floral.  Then when I downloaded it, of all things, it’s navy too..hehe!  Oh well, I do love the top and bottom contrast.  This  could also work perfectly for daytime lunches or graduation ceremonies that may be coming up.  The bottom is just beautiful.  Has a tie and the colors are a gorgeous blend.

DKNY empire floral dress/ $295.00

Hope I’ve given you a couple more ideas, suits are always nice also.  I just love a pretty dress.

So, here I am on Good Friday posting my Easter attire advice.  I’m so late!!  But, what ever you wear, just remember to respect the occasion and above all,  it’s really not about the dress, as I’m sure you all know.  Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing, blessed weekend.

Don’t forget your bonnet….oh shoot, I should’a done this whole post about beautiful hats.  Oh well.



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