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Easy Holiday Outfits…Take Your Pick

December 18, 2011

As we head into the final days of this merry season, not including New Year’s, here are a few ideas to help maneuver that neighbor’s open house you almost forgot about, or the office party you’d like to forget!  I’ve borrowed heavily from Lucky Magazine’s ideas but included my own pictures.

This first outfit they’ve entitled ‘Drinks’ but lets just say any casual event you may be running to, and this includes daytime….it is the holidays after all.  Shiny isn’t just reserved for the nighttime gals.  I’ve kept the shoes simple for ease and standing even though they called for ankle boots.  This look, while incorporating metallics, is fairly simple.  You’ll need a jacket of some kind, a black blazer with some detail is great for just this type of outing.  Below is my outfit with Lucky’s commentary.

 “Meet for a Drink”

If you’re meeting friends at a bar pair something sheer with something denim and you can’t go wrong.

Sparkly jewelry keeps even a laid-back look in the holiday spirit.  Skinny pants and ankle boots are chic, flattering and ideal if you’ll be standing for hours.

gold top, skinny jeans, black flats, black tux jacket

Lucky Magazine calls the office party the time to impress…..yep, it is, but also time to wow ’em.  On office party day, choose a dressier look than you usually would and plan to be in the spirit all day, not just for the hour or so afterwards.  Show you care and the event is worth your time and effort.  This dress is sweet and demure with or without the cardigan and the length keeps it ladylike.  If you like a less feminine look, add a blazer like the one above instead of the cardigan.  Wear the heels all day or bring them and slip ’em on at 5.  The necklace may be a little fancy for everyday but again, it is the holidays.  The whole look is more festive than traditional workwear.  (if the font of this paragraph is different I have no idea why…ugh!)


 “Dress to Impress”

If your office is having a holiday party, don’t even think about whether or not people will be judging your style–they will. Keep your outfit formal and tasteful.

purple cashmere dress, black cardigan, black suede pumps

Party time!  I love this look.  Like the one above, the hem length is great for all ages.   The t-strap heels do conjure up the retro vibe Lucky refers to and the three fat bracelets add some Christmas bling.  The sheer blouse (which you will wear a camisole under!) goes neatly with a dressy affair.   Add a shiny envelope clutch to carry under your arm and make it a “yes, this is a look” look!   Read on to see what Lucky says…..

 “Festive Dress”


If you’ve been invited for cocktails look for ladylike pieces that channel a slightly retro vibe.

An oversize crystal cuff adds a playful twist and (rather weighty) touch of decadence.  Strappy, lacy heels will take you everywhere: They’re fancy without being over the top.

royal blue skirt, georgette white blouse, silver suede sandals, sapphire earrings

If you’d like to see Lucky’s picks for these happenings click here.  There are several outfits I have not included, all fun to look at and decide how you’d like to style them.  And as far as age appropriateness goes, and I have many ladies that ask me to speak to that, the last two looks are definitely suitable for all age ranges.  On the first look, substitute a trouser jean and if you need to, wear a lower heel for the second and last looks.  What you feel most attractive wearing may not be one of these, but take an element of them and make it work for you.  A statement piece of jewelry, some knock-out shoes, or a skirt in a bright color….all of these items will make for a festive look.   Please, please try something other than traditional green and red.  It’ll do you good!

If you like one of the pieces I’ve shown, go to and describe that item in the search box.

Enjoy this last weekend before Christmas…..slow down and really enjoy it.  Look at the lights, the children, drop a dollar in the Salvation Army pail, or if you really want to have fun, go caroling.  Just enjoy.  It’ll make you as happy as a new outfit!  Thanks for reading,



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