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Ahhh….Springtime in the South!

May 15, 2010

It’s been so long since I’ve posted!!  I don’t know what the deal is….other things have been more pressing lately.  Hopefully, I can get back to weekly writing….twice a week is the goal, ha!

This first picture was Sunday Mother’s Day lunch at my sister’s house.  The picture is of me and my 3 children.  I know, they are precious!   My family gave me a new camera for Mother’s Day which I hope to put to use for this blog.  I hope all moms had an enjoyable day,  I know I did.

Mother's Day 2010

The historic floods for Nashville, then seemingly record-breaking high temps, ’60’s and ’40’s, and now more storms for Music City have made for an eventful spring.  Springtime down here is usually a roller coaster and this season had been no exception. What’s a stylish chic to do??

After going through our two and a half days of rain, and now more,  I realized I was missing an intricate piece to my wardrobe….wellies!!  I sloshed around in um…. nothing.  I didn’t get out and when I did I wore my tennis shoes and running pants or went out during the intermittent dry spells.   So, note to self, new spring item to buy,  rain boots.  Here are a few I like……

Love these!  Traditional and doesn’t red go with almost everything?  If it doesn’t for you, no worries, they come in a multitude of colors.  Chocolate was pretty too.

welllies/ Hunter/ $115.00/

For the more whimsical, rain boots now come in a huge variety of prints and patterns.  These from LLBean are a little more affordable.   I would wear these with my straight leg jeans and a bright top.  A great pick me up for a rainy day.

welllies/ LLBean/ $59.00

Another of my spring “musts” is a cargo skirt.  Luckily I have one and have already been wearing it to death.   And what’d ya know, it would go fabulous with my yet to own rain boots.   I can so see the red ones above with my olive distressed cargo skirt.  The one below is almo as terrific as mine!  This is a color called java which is so rich.   I love this length, it suits most and so perfect for those a bit more “mature” , but still very hip gals.  Of course, you also could go shorter and as with soooo many things, this skirt can be dressed up.  Strap on a pair of sandals with some heft and then for balance add a sweet frilly white top.  Lovely!

Espirit cargo skirt/ $63.50/

So,  two favorites, one I have and one I don’t.  I’d love to know how you wear you wellies.  I bet they’ve been used plenty in the past few days.  Stay dry and safe.

If you are receiving this, I’d really appreciate you passing it on to friends.  Readers equal business!  Thanks so much!



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