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As Coco Would Say…”Black Has It All”!

November 30, 2011

Every holiday season requires a discussion of the LBD.  If you’ve read me very often, you know I tend to shy away from all black.  I like a bit of individuality and solid black seems not to have that sometimes.  I know, a stylist that doesn’t loooovvvee black?   Can you believe it?  I must say though, I am starting to be a convert.  I think I see so many clients that incorporate no color at all and their closets are full of black, that I became kinda anti-black.  Truthfully though, the little black dress doesn’t really fall in that category.  It is a category unto itself and for good reason.  It is an icon, a classic, a “must have” if you will.

Check-out the ones I’ve “done up” below and see what you think.  What I’ve tried to do, and what I encourage you to do with a  little black dress, as with all your clothing, is to find something that you think makes the dress stand out as you….what will make it different from all the rest?   Or maybe the dress itself will be enough!

Okay, here is LBD look #1…

All of these pieces are standout on their own really…..together they create an unbelievable look!  Don’t feel obligated to wear a necklace here….an unadorned neck and collarbone can be really nice, plus, you’ve got the earrings drawing attention.

Black ruffle dress/sapphire dangle earrings/ black sandals/

A more covered up look for LBD #2 but no less a knock-out!  If you can buy these pumps and/or evening bag, you will have any black evening ensemble made….holidays or not.  They are just beautiful!  The neckline here is so flattering.

black Hollow lace dress/ Kate Spade red satin pumps/ silver sequined leaf evening bag/

And lastly, holiday look number 3….let me just say, this jacket is an unbelievable deal.  It is waaaay marked down and would be a fabulous investment piece.  You can find it at  Okay, that’s out of the way, now the dress…..what do you think?  Would ostrich feathers work for you?  I adore this outfit.  A more modern take on the LBD with booties and the feathers.

Jil Sander metallic jacket/ Michael Kors ostrich feather/crepe dress, Guess miniaudiere/ booties/

Of course, most of these pieces could be mixed and matched for any number of outfits.  And, certainly, your body type, proportion, etc. will come into play when you create your look.  But my point is, play with it, these are not simple black dresses with your  black church shoes and your wool winter coat.  Some of these items are high dollar some are not.  It will take a bit of an effort on your part but when you enter your event you’ll be glad you took the time.  When the looks shine like these, keep the hair and makeup simple and pretty.  The details on these items can all be found at  Just describe the item or enter the brand name into the ‘search product’ box.  The images here are somewhat blurry, they are worth going to the site to see!  Hopefully though, you get the vibe I was going for with each one.

More holiday thoughts coming up as the days go on….please call if I can help you create your party look!  Thanks for reading,


Can There Really Be Just One Piece For Fall?

September 20, 2011

I don’t love to write about this because it’s so subjective.  I mean really, who can say what piece you or I or Suzie Q needs?  But, with the change of each season there will be a bazillion articles on what you have to buy for that season.  So, I write.

But, this time I’m cheating and commenting on a contest Lucky Magazine did on what the one item was we needed to buy.  They began with  16  different pieces and as the votes came in whittled it down to just one.   I like it.   In fact, I have one.  My problem is I bought it right after my first breast cancer surgery, just 3 days later.  Looking back I was probably still under the anesthesia influence plus I was at the beach and who needs leather down there…what was I thinking??!!  As I got sicker, I didn’t go out much therefore didn’t have the opportunity to wear it.  Who even knows if  I’ll like it when I pull it out in a couple of weeks?   Oh well.

So, below is the contest diagram….I’ll only comment on 2 or 3.

I don’t believe the bag choices were great.  A good leather tote if you’re a working gal that is carrying “stuff” is practical.  A printed day bag, not so much.

And the poncho/army coat choice was a bit of a head scratcher.  But, the poncho and sweaters are very chic for fall.

And to me, the bootie wins by a landslide.  Unless you consistently have evening events to attend.  I mean, they said” sky high”.  What does that mean to you?  It means nighttime to me!


And then there’s the winner.  I must say, it is a piece you will treasure.  If you buy for fit and quality ( I have no idea if I did!  I need to get that thing out!) it is an item you will go to time and again.  Over the lbd or with your jeans, either works.  A motorcycle style leather ( buy leather) jacket will up your cool factor tremendously.

Here’s the link to the whole article.  What do you think, is it a winner?

As always, call me if you need any help choosing your fall buys!




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