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Garden Party

March 28, 2010

I have people.   Well, a person to be exact.  When I have trouble maintaining this blog or am thinking about new marketing ideas, I can call her.  Her name is Laura Troup and she is co-owner in a company called Mediaworks; contact her at  Anyway, the problem is, I don’t call her on small things.  Like the song I wanted to download to play with this blog post that everyone and their dog but me could do!   Many years ago, a singer named Ricky Nelson had a hit called Garden Party.  A cute little diddy I thought would work well with this, plus, I’ve never included music.  So, I tried it myself and in the process introduced some idiotic softwear to my computer and still didn’t get the song.  So much for being innovative.  But, let’s get to the subject at hand, namely, spring florals, garden prints, and all things flowery.

As I’ve said before, the same trends really do come around all the time.  How strong they are is the question.   Have you jumped on the flower power train yet?  Florals are everywhere.  Whether they are tying into the soft, feminine look or being bold and brilliant, these fabrics are all the rage.  My only word of caution here is to stay away from prairie looks.  It is easy sometimes to try the boot, small print, denim  (think Anthropologie) look and come away looking very “little house”.   Check out these pictures below for some ideas.

This look is classic spring femininity.  A fabulous Easter frock!  Check out the nude shoe, one of the biggest looks that has lasted from last year.  If you can find a pair, I’d get ’em.

lavender floral dress/ Kate Spade at Neiman Marcus/$395.00

This top is gorgeous and unbelievably versatile.  Look at all the colors and think of the possibilities!  White jeans, black walking shorts, gray pants, denim, a white pencil skirt, short blue shorts with a great wedge and the list goes on.

floral top/Paul and Joe at $195.00

You either love this skirt or you hate it.  I’m thinking love;  you could go as simple as a pink or navy ribbed tank and brown flat gladiator sandals or a beautiful tan/off white blouse and the previously mentioned nude heel.  Great chunky brown platforms would work too. I mean skirts are so functional, you really need several!

floral ballon skirt/ $510.00/

I hope you get a chance to mix some of this spring’s loveliest looks into your wardrobe.  As the weather warms and the flowers start blooming why not join them?  Call if you need help…..



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