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Jewelry..The Ultimate Way To Accessorize

April 18, 2012

….Or so says Debra Messing in this month’s issue of Instyle magazine. She say it’s a creative outlet for her and I agree.  If you want a (usually) cheaper but still fun way to show your personality, jewelry is the way to go.

I was with a group of gals last week doing a style chat, a question/answer time, and helping with their clothing swap (great idea btw).   We had a fun time and towards the end one of them asked about jewelry and how to start incorporating it into her wardrobe.  My suggestion was to start with color, size, or shape.  If you normally do silver or gold, buy a piece that incorporates some color with some beading maybe.  If you only wear small stud earrings, go a little bigger and add a different shape.  You get the idea.  Check out the pics below for some inspiration….

The first 3 pics are from Anthropologie…going to Green Hills today, I just may have to stop by!  Also, news flash, an Anthropologie is going into Brentwood rumor says:)

This sweet teardrop earring is a perfect first step to branch out from studs!!

Gold Rung earrings/ Anthropologie/ $34.00

Another choice….see, a bit of color or shape will make a huge difference.

Last Snow Drops/ Anthropologie/ $32.00

If you just wear a gold chain or small diamond pendant, why not add some length and color?  This is delicate yet will add a bit of bohemian flare to jeans and a tee shirt.

Five Tears necklace/ Anthropologie/ $38.00

Time, (pun intended:), to add a pop to your wrist besides your Seiko.  This will “summer~ize” any outfit….so pretty and a great move toward some bright color.

Endless Summer bangle/ Juicy Couture/ $78.00

Now for the brave and bored among us…..brave enough to wear an “out there” piece and bored with your own collection.  Try this pair of earrings and step into a world of ’60’s inspired color.  I’ll take ’em!

Taupe Huggie earrings/ Lauren G. Adams, Polyvore/ $78.00

A single silver bracelet is way to sedate for you, right?  How about this lovely leather goodie?  This may need to be my Mother’s Day gift….love it.

Sliced leather cuff/ Linea Pelle/ $58.00

This red necklace is heavy enough to make a statement yet simple in its design.  The multi strand braid and solid color would work beautifully with a strapless dress or maybe a black tee and white jeans for a color blocking vibe.  Or go really bold and try the popular pink/red combo….maybe coral pants, white top, some fab brown wedges, and this necklace?  Just thinking off the top of my head:)

Plaited Rope necklace/ Paul Smith; Polyvore/ $95.00

I hope I’ve given you some ideas about changing up your jewelry routine.  Whether you like to stay simple or always go big and bold, there are definitely ways to change it up by adding a colored stone, or teardrop earrings instead of hoops, or why not a necklace with several silver strands instead of just one?

Of course, you could always really bling it out like this cutie does.  Look at all the bracelets stacked up.  I love her blog….click on the pic and skip on over.

Atlantic- Pacific blog

So, tomorrow when you are getting dressed, see if you can put some spark into your accessorizing.  Remember to call or email for springtime help….shopping, closets, or even packing for a trip!  Early May appointments are available.  Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the week!


What I Know For Sure…..

June 14, 2010

Okay, summer is in full swing and these are some things  I’ve taken note of or learned and are pretty sure you can count on!

~heels make your legs look better and most women feel prettier

~all white done right is veerrrry chic

~nautical to some extent will always be “in”

~it is almost always better to be overdressed than underdressed

~skinny jeans are here for a while

~get a magnifying mirror and use it when applying makeup or examining your face;  it’s amazing what you can see and fix

~a long gold, silver, or mixed metal necklace is a very versatile piece of jewelry; so is a long bead or natural looking necklace

~a pedicure and self-tanner work wonders

~if you haven’t lately, get fitted for and purchase a bra that fits and  underwear that are “no line” and tummy control if needed

~structured, tailored pieces look great on everyone and elevate your look by several notches!

~we should all step out and try new styles and colors regularly, you will be surprised by what looks good

~be prepared to spend more on jeans, shoes, and bathing suits

~branch out, please, from all black continuously

~sometimes work-out clothes look terrific

~a deal isn’t a deal if you don’t need it; those few dollars add up so think before you buy

~clothes that fit well and are made well aren’t cheap but last and if it is a fairly traditional cut or look, it won’t be out of style often or long; buy quality when you can

~remember to use camis and slips when necessary to prevent pieces from being too sheer;  outside light can be unforgiving

~fidgeting and tugging at your clothing detracts from the look

~get a metallic shoe if you don’t have one

~try mixing colors you wouldn’t normally put together to achieve variety in your outfits; for instance, lavender and brown, or  navy and black

~find a tailor and use him/her when needed (ask me if you need one)

~the skinniest part of the leg is the most flattering area for a capri/crop pant to hit on most women

~gentlemen, you also need to take note of how you dress and look;  we care

~a white jean will take you almost anywhere in the summer

So, there you go, they’re not terribly profound or worth committing to memory but good guidelines for reference.  Next time, I’ll be posting  regular text with pics. Let me know if there is a topic  you’d like me to cover.

For days like today, shifts and skirts, tees and tanks with flats are a great uniform.  The markdowns will start to pick-up soon so be watching your favorite expensive pieces to snag when they get in your price range.   Enjoy these long days and stay cool….



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