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Personal Style From Real Women

April 27, 2012

There are a lot of fashion/sytle bloggers out in the internet world.  A lot.  For this post, I wanted to find someone that blogged about individual, appropriate, body flattering style for women close to 40.  A personal style blog. I found many blogs about style with downloaded pictures showing slim, beautiful models in fabulous clothes.  Not what I was looking for.  I wanted real women with varying body types…..inspiration for those that aren’t 5’11 and size 4’s.  Real women that took time to thoughtfully put together a great outfit, didn’t have the help of photoshopping, and weren’t wearing loaned clothing from advertisers.  Hundreds of younger women are doing this, 2 blogs below on my blogroll are examples….what I wore and Atlantic-Pacific.  But, as you can see, the girls are young and sooo cute.  The camera loves ’em.  So, I really didn’t find what I was looking for….that doesn’t mean they’re not out there, I just had to stop looking and start writing!

I’m using 3 photos from the blogs I found with links back to them.  You obviously won’t like every outfit they wear, it’s just meant to get the style wheels rolling in you head!  I would really love to see any outfits you have come up with.  Send ’em on over!

Ok, check out this chic.  What’s not to love?  Fabulous colors and accessories.  For those that don’t like heels, look at those cute flat sandals. I love the way that top pulls in then flows over the pant.   I am not sure of her age but it doesn’t really matter, I like the fact that she’s not a pencil….this definitely meets my post requirements.  Oh, and I think she sews much of what she makes.  I really. really like this.

This snazzy dresser also records many of her daily outfits.  And she has the added bonus of being a petite!  I work with many petite clients that become so frustrated trying to find clothing.  A good tailor is often your best friend if you are 5’3 and under.  I browsed through and enjoyed looking at her pics…again, you won’t love it all, but may find that perfect picture that you can duplicate.  And she is 40 something!  Note… figure flattering style, lovely dress, minimal accessories, no stilletos…..great look.

This woman’s blog also deals with style after 40.  She is certainly not a plus size but does feature some great outfits that are edgy yet age appropriate, at least the ones I saw.  She like me, appears to be having a love fest with stripes in this pic.  She includes a ‘what I wore’ spot on her blog. Slyvia is Dutch and lives in Singapore!  How cool is that?

These women probably are able to devote much more time than many of you to developing their wardrobes and style personalities.  My readers and followers usually work full time, have children at home all day, or are otherwise engaged.  This is just a glimpse into the fashion of other women from literally around the world that love fashion and want to be appropriate yet updated and stylish.  I wanted to focus on ages above early 30’s and sizes other than a 2-4.  So many women don’t fall into that young, small group.  I hope I have done that and you’ve enjoyed these pics and went on to view their sites.  Just don’t leave me!!

This blog is what I do when I am not doing my favorite thing which is helping everyday women look and feel better about themselves through their wardrobe.  Please contact me by email,  comment on here, give me a call, or check me out on facebook, I’d love to meet you.  We’ll get you up to speed in no time …..there’s no telling what you’ve got hiding in your closet that just needs a tweak here or there:)  All the info is right below….just in case you need it fast!


Thanks for reading…..


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