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Summer and a White Tee…..5 Ways

July 4, 2012

What says mid summer like a white tee?  And in this heat, it’s one of the coolest things to wear.  But, a simple white crew or v-neck tee although a classic, can become very predictable.  I’d like to look at 5 ways to spiff it up, to give it some umph.  And if you don’t have a good one that’s not somewhat yellowed or worn, it’s time to dole out a little moola and get one!

I’m starting with a good white tee shirt.  It’s by Splendid, 50% cotton/50% modal light jersey.  It has a nice drape, modern fit, deep V, and consistently gets very good reviews.

White tee/ Splendid @ Zappos/ $46

My first suggestion is to top with a short sleeve cardigan.  Add one over your tee and some chino shorts in sand or white and it becomes a 3 piece outfit.  Layering gives some depth to a look and creates interest.  Although it’s really not what you’ll want to do in 100 degree plus temps unless in the evening or a cool indoor area!

This sweater is pretty great!  I love the block stripe and big hit of color at the sleeve hem.   The loose weave allows for air flow and makes it more just a light layer ithan an actual cardigan.  It will also take you well into fall by pairing it with denim.  Put a white tee under now, a navy one later.

Color block stripe cardi/ The Limited/ $49.90

The next thought is a necklace, of course! to spice up your white tee shirt.  And this one is fabulous!  It could come off somewhat DIY but the gold rectangles really amp it up.  Colors galore make it workable with tons of things. And if you want one-of-a-kind look no farther than etsy!

Multi strand bead necklace/ $38.00

Number 3 is a fave of mine.  Throw a denim shirt on over it… roll the sleeves up 2 or 3 times, leave unbuttoned to hopefully catch a breeze, and you have a look so much more on trend than a silly jacket for those overly air-conditioned areas!  Just remember, you want it a bit fitted, not big and blousey!  And if you’ve been looking for a reasonably priced denim shirt, you’re welcome.

Denim shirt/ Forever 21/ $22.80

And the fourth way to make your white t shirt stand out….a fabulous scarf.  Just wrap around once with a deep U in the front and the ends down either side.  Or do a 1/2 tie once at the bust like a pendant necklace.  Check out this one because you really need to see it up close to appreciate the patterns and all the colors.  Very pretty.  100% cotton = cool and $23.99 = great price!  Click to see how lovely it really is.

Mediterranean Mosaic scarf/ $23.99

And number 5 is, don’t mess with the tee at all.  Step out sporting a patterned bottom and the top won’t need much, if any accessorizing!  These shorts are really nice and a great length.  Thread a skinny black belt through the loops, slip on fab black flat sandals, grab a big straw hat, slightly tuck your white tee, and you’re off for the day and dinner on a patio somewhere.

Ikat print short/ American Vintage @ $95.00

There ya go, plain white tee shirt, not so plain.  I can’t think of a better day to wear a white tee than the 4th of July!  Remember white t’s need to be replaced fairly often so be sure and give yours a good once over.

Thanks so much for reading.  Have a wonderful rest of the fourth, be safe, and keep America in your prayers often.

Please call or email for available appointment dates.  I’d love to help you get your summer wardrobe straightened out so you can finish these warm months with a bang!  And any sharing or signing up to receive this blog is greatly appreciated!!

Thanks again,



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